Go Well Consulting

Evolving business for the sustainable future

Our why.

Go Well Consulting was founded to evolve business for the sustainable future.

We’re here to evolve business for the sustainable future by guiding organisations on the journey to a circular, regenerative, and inclusive economy.

At Go Well Consulting, we work with businesses to identify innovative opportunities, providing new ways of thinking and strategic action plans. We empower businesses with the tools and skills to deliver meaningful impact and communicate sustainability with confidence.


Imagine an economy that operates in harmony with the laws of the natural world.

Imagine an economy where businesses are profitable and meaningful jobs are created while regenerating our Earth and it’s communities. Imagine a world where every human being has access to food, water, shelter, medicine, education, work, and community. A world where our economies, our communities, our businesses, and our environment are all thriving. At Go Well Consulting, this is our vision for the future.

Photo by Kate Mandeno

Our values.

  • Solutions driven – at Go Well Consulting we are forward thinking problem solvers who enjoy finding creative and innovative solutions to complex challenges. 
  • Pragmatic – we understand the complex challenges businesses face and are realistic about the commercial realities that must be considered. 
  • Approachable – there are no stupid questions, we understand that everyone is learning and at a different stage on their sustainability journey. We are here to help wherever that may be.   
  • Committed to learning and sharing – our team at Go Well Consulting are committed to keeping up to date with the latest scientific and technological developments in the sustainability space, ensuring our clients are always informed, educated, and at the forefront of new opportunities.
  • Advocate for inclusivity and collaboration – in order to solve the challenges ahead, we need everyone on board. It is imperative that we place inclusivity and collaboration at our core as we support and uplift individuals, businesses and industries that are transitioning for the sustainable future.

We believe in.

  • Leading the way – at Go Well Consulting we are passionate about working with bold and brave leaders who see the vast opportunities in being pioneers of paving a better way. 
  • The good of people – we believe that fundamentally everyone wants the best for others. This keeps us optimistic for the future and excited about what we are capable of achieving together. 
  • Leaving a place better than we found it – with every business reliant on the environment in some capacity, future proofing your business for commercial sustainability means prioritising environmental sustainability. Here at Go Well Consulting, we believe that profit and regenerating the Earth can and must go hand in hand. 
  • Business for the 21st century – by this we mean businesses that are taking responsibility in facing up to the social, environmental and economic challenges we face and showing leadership in solving them – ensuring that their business isn’t left behind. 
  • Systems thinking – everything on Earth is connected – businesses cannot act in silo. At Go Well Consulting, we emphasise to our clients the importance of understanding implications and opportunities of decisions and actions on the system as a whole. 
  • Openness –  we always remain open to new ideas and differing opinions that may challenge our own – this is where growth lies. 

The value we add.

  • New ways of thinking – our team at Go Well Consulting will help you future proof your business through bringing to the table new ways of thinking that highlight new opportunities. 
  • Strategic approaches – we provide specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely action plans for meaningful impact. 
  • Proven experience – we bring a broad scope of expertise with businesses across multiple sectors and proven experience supporting their unique sustainability journeys.
  • Communicating with confidence – we excel in helping you build an engaged internal culture and secure stakeholder buy in through communicating your journey with authenticity, transparency and confidence.
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Founding Director

Nick Morrison founded Go Well Consulting on the belief that New Zealand should be leading the world in sustainable living and sustainable business practices, but that businesses needed better access to expert help and guidance to navigate the transition. Nick has successfully completed studies in The Circular Economy, Sustainable Packaging, and the Sustainability Reporting – GRI Certified Training Course. Nick is the consultant behind the nationwide, plastic bag, behavioural change campaign – Bags Not.

Ness B&W small

Director of Supply Chain and Textiles

Vanessa Thompson studied Fashion Management at the London College of Fashion and has spent all her professional life working in fashion. Needless to say, she knows a thing or two about how the industry traditionally operates. Previously Vanessa had her own consultancy (Unravelled Consultants) and has worked with a number of New Zealand’s most well-known brands both large and small, particularly with improving the visibility and ethics of their supply chains. 

Go Well Consulting_About us_Jack Laing

Sustainability Consultant

Jack Laing has a background in sustainability and business, studying at Victoria University and recently starting his own waste saving enterprise. He is passionate about the idea that we can find ways to heal the planet while helping people prosper and has joined the Go Well team to deliver that. His words to live by are “smile before your teeth are gone” and in his spare time you will find Jack waist high in the Tongariro river fly fishing to his hearts content.

EB_profile pic

Sustainability Consultant

Emma Brockie joined us following several years in the United Kingdom. She has completed both a Masters of Marine Conservation and Masters of Business (Human Resource Management) and has five previous years of management consulting experience. Emma brings to the team strong analytical and professional services skills with a passion to work on regenerating our communities and ecosystems. In her own time Emma likes long walks, like seriously long! Like the entire length of the South Island (along Te Araroa).


Communications Consultant

Alisha Wheeler is a values driven, communications expert who specialises in communicating sustainability on behalf of purpose led businesses. She works with leaders from multiple sectors, who are at the forefront of their industries, challenging, disrupting and pioneering change within global markets. Prior to consultancy, Alisha worked across global brand and sustainability communications within the fashion industry. She has a comprehensive understanding of sustainability and has completed the ‘Sustainable Business Management’ programme through the University of Cambridge’s Institute for Sustainable Leadership. A vision for a better tomorrow underpins everything Alisha does, and as a qualified yoga teacher, when she isn’t amplifying change through communications, you will likely find her teaching or practicing yoga in one of Auckland’s studios.



Hazel Davies is a graphic designer and design educator and a people person. She is a self proclaimed generalist and designs things in all matter of mediums and sizes. With Go Well, Hazel visually represents the ideas that help to communicate key messages to our clients and communities. Hazel didn’t realise how lucky she was growing up as the daughter of two Northland hippies and took organic gardens and composting systems for granted for many years! These days she is fighting body corps for the right to have a worm farm and trying to grow food on a balcony garden.

C Mundell

Content & Program Manager

Charlotte Mundell is a jack of all trades with previous work ranging from film and television production to model making, architectural visualisation and marketing. Charlotte will be assisting us with graphic design, social media and some exciting new ventures (stay tuned!). Charlotte’s enthusiastic and jovial personality is a fantastic fit for our existing team. With three kids in tow, Charlotte’s hands are always dirty! If not in the garden, then ceramics or some other form of craft.