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Compostable Packaging Stewardship Scheme

Feasibility Study

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What Is The Circular Economy?

The Circular Economy is a term given to describe a model of how to trade and do business that generates no waste, eliminates exploitation and instigates the designing of products to be reused, repurposed, repaired, or recycled infinitely. See this video for more info.

Circular Economy: An Introduction

Learn how to contribute to a sustainable economic system by implementing novel business and design approaches

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2019 New Zealand Climate Summary

NIWA climate scientist Nava Fedaeff presents the NZ 2019 climate summary

Understanding the history of the real world, from the Big Bang to Humanity

Bread and the health of our planet

A webinar with Isabel Pasch, founder and owner of Bread and Butter Bakery, writer of the blog Bread Politics, mother, micro-biologist, and former science advisor.

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Compost is King

A webinar with Richard Wallis, Founder of the CarbonCycle Company, tapping into his boundless knowledge about composting and the role it can play as a keystone to circular, regenerative and inclusive future.

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Investing for the regenerative, circular and inclusive future

A webinar with Barry Coates, founder of Mindful Money, discussing the opportunities and challenges around facilitating and choosing ethical investment.

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Conversation with Dr Mike Joy

Communicating Science and an Economic Evolution

Communicating science via social media, water ecology, moving to a circular, regenerative, an inclusive economic system, and much more.

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Exploring Local Currencies

A webinar with Diana Finch, Managing Director of The Bristol, discussing the opportunities and challenges around local currencies as a solution to put local economies back at the centre of our consumption habits and business practices

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