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Working across multiple businesses and multiple industries, we are in a unique position to see and understand complex problems that affect many. So, as well as the business services we provide, we also work on projects which we feel will have a material impact on particular challenges to the evolution towards a circular, regenerative, and inclusive economic system.

Connect the Dots

A product stewardship scheme for compostable plastics (CPSS)

We believe compostable packaging has a vital role to play in a circular economy (read our blog on the topic here), but we are increasingly frustrated by the lack of action from the packaging industry, waste management industry, brands, and government around developing a sustainable end-of-life solution for compostable plastics in New Zealand. So, we designed and tested one.

How will the CPSS work?

You can read our detailed scheme design and feasibility study, and our follow up report on our six-week trial:

"Bags Not"

Nationwide behavioural change campaign

In March 2018, a nationwide behavioural change campaign launched to firstly highlight the ridiculousness of single-use plastic shopping bags, and then to help Kiwis learn a new habit of always taking a bag shopping.

We collaborated with marketing, advertising, and digital company BCG2 to design, raise funding, and deliver this campaign, which played a significant role in the banning of SUPB by the government in 2019.

Understanding the issue deeply, we identified that the key to success was not changing the material type of the plastic bag (e.g. to paper or cotton), but changing customers behaviour to always take a bag shopping, and to reuse that same bag as many times as it would allow.

With funding and support from New World, Z-Energy, NZME, and others (see here for more details) the campaign launched on radio, print, social media, and bus stops.

With our detailed knowledge of the plastic pollution crisis, New Zealand’s waste management infrastructure, and our expertise at communicating sustainability, we monitored the Facebook page to build an engaged and supportive following.

The funding has since dried up, but the campaign is still live through the website, Facebook, and Instagram. Although the New Zealand government may have banned SUPB, the plastic pollution crisis is far from over!

Get in touch if you’d like to learn more about “Bags Not” or you have a campaign idea you need support with.

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