million people live in extreme poverty.

(less than USD$1.90 a day)

The World Bank

months for Earth to regenerate what humans use in one year.

Global Footprint Network


Businesses need to remain in business to effect positive change, and businesses that succeed are businesses that adapt. Adopting sustainable business practices, installing a sustainable culture, and implementing circular systems will steer a business towards the future economy.


A vibrant and healthy environment provides many more opportunities than one that is corrupted and sick. Businesses that don't merely minimise their local, regional and global environmental impacts but rather adopt restorative measures will be the successful businesses of the future.


A business is people. Happy, fulfilled people achieve success. A successful business honours, respects and values all its staff, suppliers, customers, and communities, all the while providing safe, inclusive and meaningful work. A business with strong sustainability credentials will recruit and retain the brightest talent.



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Anyone who believes in indefinite growth on a physically finite planet is either mad, or an economist.”

David Attenborough




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In our business we have a burning ambition to make good choices for people and the planet, but we needed help navigating the daunting task. Nick and Go Well have given us guidance and mentoring to find our way through. The best part is it is not a one model fits all, Go Well have worked closely with us to lay out, and deliver, a strategy that's best for our business. Go Well's service has been invaluable.

Maggie Marilyn

From our first meeting with Nick, his enthusiasm and passion to reduce single-use plastics in NZ was infectious. His sustainability knowledge and understanding of the issues at a global and local level is deep and endless. Nick’s ability to ‘cut through’ the sustainability clutter and provide the right information, whilst understanding commercial realities and the need for all of us to go on the journey for the sake of the planet (cause let’s face it there is no alternative) has been invaluable. Our partnership with Go Well Consulting is creating change for good, that we’re incredibly proud of.


We have been working along side Nick at Go Well Consulting to better understand our impacts on the environment and how to achieve our sustainability aims. Nick has been supportive, knowledgeable and most importantly pragmatic in his approach. We have successfully developed an achievable programme that balances our commercial needs with our endeavours to significantly reduce our impact on the world.


We have worked with Nick on a number of different projects over the last couple of years. Nick is very knowledgeable when it comes to the current waste situation, the steps we need to take to improve as a society, and more importantly, how we can begin to implement these practical steps tomorrow.

For The Better Good


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“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”

Robert Swan

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