Circular Economy


Going Circular

With competence and confidence

Sustainability, in a nutshell, is pretty simple. If we want to sustain life on this planet then we have to live in harmony with the real world and the natural systems that govern all life on this planet.

Every system in the real world is circular. It is the water cycle, carbon cycle, LIFE cycle. So if we want to live in harmony with these natural systems, which we can not change, then we must design and operate an economic system that is also circular.

At Go Well, we follow the three principles of the Circular Economy:

  1. Design out waste and pollution (this includes polluting our atmosphere with GHGs)
  2. Keep products and materials in use
  3. Regenerate natural systems

Through a process of discovery, engagement, and design we collaborate with businesses to develop solutions and pathways to become circular. We bring together our circular economy thinking, stakeholder engagement experience, and subject matter expertise across our whole team to provide you with knowledge and insights to make informed choices that will evolve your business for the sustainable future.

Our expertise in circular systems change allows us to support businesses on their transition to a circular model. At Go Well, we can support your business to redesign systems and processes, and map out the infrastructure and resources needed to allow for this transition. This might include reducing emissions (designing out waste and pollution), designing new packaging, designing products to last and be repairable, or developing circular systems that keep products and materials cycling through a business and/or the economy.

Going circular is not only what has to happen for us to live in harmony with the real world, it offers HUGE opportunities for businesses to capitalise on. From reducing costs and resource use, to more engaged and loyal customers, or increased revenue and profit opportunities – any delay in going circular is a delay in future proofing your business.

The diagram below explains how to achieve the transformation that needs to happen. Moving from a linear, polluting, extractive, and exploitative system to one that is circular, regenerative and inclusive. 

At Go Well, we set all of our clients we develop sustainability strategies with the northern star of becoming a circular business with regenerative impacts – on both the natural ecosystems and local communities they operate within. How quickly they arrive at that destination is down to them.

Below is the Butterfly Diagram by The Ellen Macarthur Foundation that provides more insights into circular economy thinking and design. 

For further information about a circular economy, please check out this video. 

If you are ready to make the transformation to becoming a circular and regenerative business (if not now, when?), or are in need of support on a specific circular project or challenge then please get in touch.