"Over the last three years Go Well has helped us identify and navigate the challenges of sustainability in the fashion industry. Through their guidance we have been able to take action on some of the large sustainability initiatives and goals that we set out to achieve -
this has made meaningful impact.

Vanessa has helped us review our supply chain, assessing risks on different levels, connect with new suppliers, discover new responsible materials that have smaller MOQ's, develop new policies, develop innovative packaging applications, and ensure our marketing claims are authentic.

We have enjoyed working with Vanessa, and we feel supported and encouraged on our journey."


RUBY are a New Zealand-based apparel company founded in 2002. They approach business with integrity and accessibility, and have set out to improve the way New Zealand fashion is created by championing ethics in their supply chain and choosing lower impact materials throughout all their ranges.

To show their commitment and dedication to improving the New Zealand fashion industry, General Manager of RUBY, Emily Miller-Sharma, co-founded Mindful Fashion in 2019, a non-profit organisation designed to bring different stakeholders together to work towards an inclusive and sustainable industry.

We have been working with RUBY since 2019 helping them with supply chain risk management, responsible fabric and supplier sourcing, responsible packaging selections, and communications.

We’re here to evolve business for the sustainable future.