Sustainable Packaging

For the Circular Economy.

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sustainable packaging for the circular economy

Packaging is considered a Fast Moving Consumer Good (FMCG). These are products that are designed to have a short lifespan and are constantly in rotation. Because of this, developing packaging solutions within a circular economy requires different strategies than those used for regular consumer goods.

language matters.

Make sure your organisation understands and uses the correct language - compostable, biodegradable, reusable, repurposed, remanufactured, renew, recycled, and so on.

save resources, save money.

Packaging requires resources. Make sure your organisation's packaging resources don't turn into waste.

``Between USD $80 – $120 BILLION (or 95%) worth of plastic packaging is lost from the global economy every year, after just one use”.

– The New Plastics Economy

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Find out what other services Go Well offers to guide your business to the sustainable future

Part-time Sustainability Manager

Ongoing support and expertise at the tiered level your business requires. Think of it as your very own sustainability manager at a fraction of the cost.

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Sustainability Assessment

An internal assessment is performed on your business with a corresponding report provided. A good stepping stone before a full sustainability report.

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Sustainability Strategy

Understand what sustainability means to your business, set SMART goals, develop a road map to achieve them.

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Project support

Ensure you have input and guidance from a sustainability expert for a specific project.

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Sustainability Report

A detailed and globally recognised sustainability report based on the GRI Standards.

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Ethical and Sustainable Procurement

Be certain that your supply chain is not contributing to social and / or environmental exploitation.

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sustainability presentation

Break the inertia and get cracking on your sustainability journey with a presentation from, and conversation with, an expert.

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Communicate Sustainability

Confidently and correctly communicate your sustainability journey to your stakeholders.

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