Sustainability Report

Based on the GRI framework

Sustainability reporting

Producing a sustainability report is a fantastic opportunity for your organisation to engage with your stakeholders and deep dive into the issues that are important to you and to them. It provides a unique opportunity to share the milestones achieved to date, the goals you are striving for while explaining the obstacles in your way, and a big-picture understanding of sustainability. Ultimately, a sustainability report is about transparency and communication which are fast becoming the expected norms.

At Go Well, we follow the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards and ensure you produce a report of quality and reputability that is digestible and comprehensible.

GRI has differing levels or reporting requirements allowing a business to “reference”, or report “in accordance with” the standards. This allows your organisation to produce the best possible report within your resource and budget limits.

- NZX Corporate Governance Code 2017

"...if an issuer chooses a formal framework to report on ESG* factors, it should report against a recognised international reporting initiative such as the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines..."

Colmar Brunton Better Futures report, 2019.

"The challenge for business is to tell your story in a genuine, meaningful and evidenced-based way."

The reporting process

– Identify and engage with stakeholders;
– Identifying material topics;
– Follow GRI reporting framework;
– Deliver a quality, reputable and relevant sustainability report.

Find out what other services Go Well offers to guide
your business to the sustainable future


Ongoing support and expertise at the tiered level your business requires. Think of it as your very own sustainability manager at a fraction of the cost.

GoWell_Sustainability Strategy

Understand what sustainability means to your business, set SMART goals, develop a road map to achieve them.


Break the inertia and get cracking on your sustainability journey with a presentation from, and conversation with, an expert.

GoWell_Sustainable packaging

Be sure your packaging is fit for the circular economy and won't go to waste.


An internal assessment is performed on your business with a corresponding report provided. A good stepping stone before a full sustainability report.


Ensure you have input and guidance from a sustainability expert for a specific project.

GoWell_Ethical and sustainable procurement

Be certain that your supply chain is not contributing to social and/or environmental exploitation.


Confidently and correctly communicate your sustainability journey to your stakeholders.