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New product or service?

Go Well will ensure the correct use of language and terminology to effectively communicate the origin story and end of life options for products, or the successful communication of any behaviour changes required by new services. We help make sure products aren’t disposed of irresponsibly, cause unintended issues for the waste management industry, and the material value is retained where possible.

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what we do


In our business we have a burning ambition to make good choices for people and the planet, but we needed help navigating the daunting task. Nick and Go Well have given us guidance and mentoring to find our way through. The best part is it is not a one model fits all, Go Well have worked closely with us to lay out, and deliver, a strategy that's best for our business. Go Well's service has been invaluable.

Maggie Marilyn

From our first meeting with Nick, his enthusiasm and passion to reduce single-use plastics in NZ was infectious. His sustainability knowledge and understanding of the issues at a global and local level is deep and endless. Nick’s ability to ‘cut through’ the sustainability clutter and provide the right information, whilst understanding commercial realities and the need for all of us to go on the journey for the sake of the planet (cause let’s face it there is no alternative) has been invaluable. Our partnership with Go Well Consulting is creating change for good, that we’re incredibly proud of.