Ethical & Sustainable Procurement

Terminate exploitation.

what we do 

supplier code of conduct.

Develop a supplier code of conduct that ensures your supply chain is not contributing to the exploitation of people or the environment, aligns your organisation to international standards of human rights and environmental stewardship, allows transparency, and ensures you are prepared for the impacts of climate change.

customers want to know.

As customers become more aware, informed, and connected they are increasingly demanding to know where products come from, who made them, what they contain, and where their money is going.

strong relationships.

A professional well thought out supplier code of conduct will help your organisation build strong, respected, and sustained relationships with your supply chain.

74% of Kiwis want to work for a company that is socially and environmentally responsible.

- Colmar Brunton Better Futures Report, 2017.

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Find out what other services Go Well offers to guide your business to the sustainable future

Part-time Sustainability Manager

Ongoing support and expertise at the tiered level your business requires. Think of it as your very own sustainability manager at a fraction of the cost.

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Sustainable Packaging

Be sure your packaging is fit for the circular economy and won't go to waste.

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Sustainability Strategy

Understand what sustainability means to your business, set SMART goals, develop a road map to achieve them.

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Sustainability Assessment

An internal assessment is performed on your business with a corresponding report provided. A good stepping stone before a full sustainability report.

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Sustainability Report

A detailed and globally recognised sustainability report based on the GRI Standards.

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Project support

Ensure you have input and guidance from a sustainability expert for a specific project.

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sustainability presentation

Break the inertia and get cracking on your sustainability journey with a presentation from, and conversation with, an expert.

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Communicate Sustainability

Confidently and correctly communicate your sustainability journey to your stakeholders.

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