Sustainability Assessment

A full sustainability report based on the GRI framework

what we do 

sustainability assessment

For many organisations the time, cost and resources required in a producing a full GRI sustainability report is simply too much of a commitment. So, Go Well have more of an entry level option.

being informed feels good

A Sustainability Assessment will provide your organisation with an snapshot of your sustainability performance with feedback on strengths and areas to improve on.

how do you compare?

It will also provide you with an idea of how your organisation is performing in relation to your market place, your region, and globally. As well as providing ideas and methods to engage staff, customers and other stakeholders.

what we do

“An issuer should provide non-financial disclosure at least annually, including considering material exposure to environmental, economic and social sustainability risks and other key risks. It should explain how it plans to manage those risks and how operational or non-financial targets are measured.” Recommendation 4.3 of the NZX Corporate Governance Code 2017.


In nature there is no such thing as waste. In nature, nothing is wasted.

David Suzuki

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Albert Einstein