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procurement assistance.

Go Well will provide your organisation with guidance, support and information to identifying and investigate the sustainability aspects of a product or service.

This could include looking at the materials used, the manufacturing process, the working conditions and the afterlife options for a product.

Support and advice includes but is not limited to:

identifying relevant industry.

Identifying any relevant industry standards that can be associated with the procurement and how to obtain these e.g. Fairtrade, FSC, ISO etc.

identifying materials.

Identifying materials a product is made of, where and how they were grown/produced/farmed/mined etc e.g. what type of plastic a product is made of and the working conditions it was produced in?

Assistance with telling the story.

Assistance with telling the story of your ethically/sustainably sourced product or service.

assistance with identification.

Assistance with identifying what is “more sustainable” when comparing the varying and competing options e.g. Fairtrade vs organic, or locally sourced vs recycled.

identifying where materials will end their life.

Identifying where materials will end their life (e.g. are they recyclable locally/regionally/nationally, are they home/commercially compostable, is their value in the materials after use?).

Procurement Report

The above services are offered in support of your organisation's procurement process. Or alternatively Go Well can provide your organisation with a Procurement Report. The entire procurement process is researched by Go Well and the findings are delivered in one tangible and easily understandable report, allowing your organisation to make an informed decision.

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